Wake Up With The Best Arguments Between Arthur Spooner And Doug Heffernan

I've made it no secret I love King of Queens. One of the best, easy shows to watch. I've already declared Wednesday as the weekly wake up with Eric Church Day, I think Tuesday is going to be a sitcom wake up now. Last week it was the best of Nick Miller from New Girl and had requests for some others. We may just run it down the list. There's something beautiful about sitcoms. It's the easy watch, the ones you don't have to think about, the ones that you can kinda tune out while watching and still laugh. Outside of the old school Sportscenter days growing up, sitcoms are the best thing to have on to sleep at night - yeah, I'm a fall asleep with the TV on guy. I hate the dark. And now it's the perfect way to wake up on Tuesdays (pending of course). Also, Arthur might be the most underrated TV character out there. Tough when he was Frank Costanza too, but Arthur is just so goddamn funny.