The Kings Team Account Tweeted Out A Poll Trolling Lakers Fans And Even NBA Players To Vote That They Hate The Lakers

Seems innocent right. Well, not innocent, but more asking for problems. Why would the Kings tweet out a poll asking for RT if you like the Lakers. There are a zillion more Lakers fans than Kings fans and they would take this personal. Well, let's just zoom in here for a second:

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 10.47.32 PM.png

Oh, okay. Well played, Kings. Well played for sure. You even got Spencer Dinwiddie: 

The best is they tweeted this an hour ago and have just refused to say anything since. I want them to go all day tomorrow without a response or a tweet. Let this really simmer while you still bait people into this. All clout is good clout - or something like this I'm sure a college kid said. 

I love it. This is such an NBA Twitter thing, which yeah, can get annoying, but also content I need when we don't have many sports on right now. They are fooling so many accounts that are Lakers fans: 


Well done, Kings. It doesn't make up for the losses to the Shaq/Kobe teams but in the words of Kevin Malone, it just feels nice to win one.