Matt Barnes Told A Story Of How Kyrie Is Only Doing This Because He Wasn't Allowed In Orlando

Well now. You know when all this Kyrie stuff first happened I tried to be level headed and open minded. Just doing his job as the VP of the NBPA, giving a voice to other players who may not have the platform. I don't think its exactly a hot take to suggest that open discussion is pretty important at a time like this when it comes to the league coming back. But what I also know is if there are two people who keep it real and tell it like it really is, its Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. They don't bullshit. Now Matt Barnes is saying this is what "he heard" but I don't think he's just randomly going to talk shit about someone unless he knows it to be true. That story suggests that Kyrie's entire pushback isn't because of anything he said was the reason. It's because he wasn't allowed in Orlando. If you remember this is where things stood when he got shut down

Seemed like it became not possible real quick. To me it makes some sense, less people to worry about, more of a controlled environment etc. Zoom into the locker room or some shit if you want to root for your teammates. It's 2020, everyone's adapting. So because Kyrie didn't get what he wanted, if we're to believe Matt Barnes, he then acted like a spoiled child and pulled all this shit as payback? In an effort to flip the script if you will. Yikes. For his sake I certainly do not hope that's the case. All that needs is a Woj/Shams confirmation tweet and things get real bad for Kyrie. If that was the true motivation it sort of kills every reason I had while wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt. Because he isn't wrong in what he's saying, but basically if he was allowed in Orlando he wouldn't say it at all? That's quite the matzah ball.

If you want to hear the whole show, Barnes posted it on his IG, and if you have an hour to kill I highly recommend it.