Chuba Hubbard & Mike Gundy Release Totally Not Forced Video Saying Everything Is Fine In Stillwater

Today was an interesting day in Stillwater, Oklahoma. For a day in the middle of the summer, way too much drama came out of Oklahoma State. It all started thanks to Mike Gundy wearing a shirt when he went fishing this past weekend!

And then Chuba Hubbard tweeted this today:

From the time Chuba tweeted this to 7:37 PM, there were a lot of questions on what was going to happen at Oklahoma State. It appears that Chuba & Gundy have met and made progress on the situation:

A kind of weird video, especially when Hubbard apologized. I get why he did it, but I don't think he should've apologized. He is arguably the most important player on Oklahoma State and felt the need to express himself on the situation at hand. He plays football pretty much for free for Oklahoma State and does have the right to express himself however he wants. That being said, credit to Gundy for acknowledging Hubbard's tweet and listening to him. Credit to Hubbard as well for talking to Gundy. If the video is any indication, the conversation went well. Both Gundy & Hubbard want to win and the changes discussed will continue to help build that culture at Oklahoma State. 

In Hubbard's tweet, he said "until things change." On the surface, it looks like he was mad about the OAN shirt, but it appears this was a straw on the camels back situation. Hubbard is the leader of Oklahoma State, so he expressed his concerns to Gundy, who listened, and it appears changes will be made.