How Am I Supposed To Play In A Duo's Tournament With Smitty One Day After He Traded Me In Gunfight?

TRADED! Fucking traded. This guy was such an angry elf last night to the point of accusing me of cheating (his go-to move) that I'm worried we won't have enough mojo for this tournament that we are destined to win at 4pm est.

All I wanted was some good vibes on my gunfight squad and I'm gonna need good vibes on this tournament squad today as well. Can't be having breakdowns like this one below. We simply can't have it. Also that may be my favorite video of all-time.

Anyways come check out us play in my first pro gaming event as a pro athlete. Should be a hell of a time and the best part about it is we're playing for $20k to the Call of Duty Endowment. Let's dance!

Believe it.