I Absolutely 100% Would Care If Olivia Culpo Pooped On Me A Little Bit

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 1.55.57 PM.png

So Hubbs just wrote this blog where he asked the question, "Would You Actually Care If Olivia Culpo Pooped On You A Little?". Many scholars throughout the history of humanity have pondered questions of equal importance. Aristotle wanted to know what the meaning of life is, and Hubbs wants to know if you'd be cool with getting pooped on by Olivia Culpo. Same same but different. Anyway, there are some quality Instagram links in there so feel free to check out that blog if you haven't already. 

Now listen, it's 2020. I'm not going to kink shame here. I realize that different folks are into different strokes. So it's a valid question that deserves a valid response. 

My answer to said question is unequivocally yes. I absolutely, positively, 100% without a doubt would care if Olivia Culpo pooped on me a little. I wouldn't even have to hesitate to know I'd care about that. Sure, she's an absolute rocket ship and she's great to look at on Instagram. But want to know why Instagram is so awesome? Because it doesn't look, feel or smell like shit. It's just right there on your phone. Maybe you're scrolling through it while you shit, but that's totally different. Fact of the matter is that if anybody in the world got shit on me, I'd be a little upset. Certainly wouldn't be having a great time to say the least. Just not my two girls one cup of tea.