A Bunch Of Cowboys and Texans Players Tested Positive For COVID But Don't Freak Out, It Should Be Ok


I feel like a lot of people's guy reaction to reading about a bunch of NFL players testing positive for COVID is to be like "welp, pack it in, the season is over". And that's not the right reaction. Because now we are going to get to the point where this is going to start happening more often across all leagues. A player here, a GM there. Cases will pop up in sports for the foreseeable future, it's just the way it is. 

But the good news is now that they are going to be testing way, way more and we have a ton more information about how to handle it, leagues aren't going to shut down because of 1 positive test. They had to at first because after Rudy Gobert gave it to the entire NBA, that shit had to be contained. But now 4 months later after quarantine and extreme measures, it's way less likely entire teams will be infected. 

Personally, I think it's up in the air how the football season will transpire. Fans/no fans. Full season/abbreviated schedule. And then the whole 2nd wave thing really throws a wrench into it. I feel like nobody really knows anything. What I do know is we tried, man. We stayed inside forever. If we're told to quarantine again there is going to be a revolt. Take grandma, she lived a long enough life. Oh well. We tried.

Still though, it goes without saying, Goodell gotta kick the Cowboys out of the league. Dak did have that dinner party after all.....


10 year ban and re-evaluate after. Better safe than sorry.