Coronavirus Is Hitting China Where It Hurts...It's Massive Army Of Twitter Trolls

(Variety)--The Chinese government says that it has been the victim of disinformation campaigns on Twitter. It called on the social media platform to delete accounts that have been attacking the country over the coronavirus.

The move came a day after Twitter Thursday said that it had removed more than 170,000 accounts (23,750 accounts that were part of a “highly engaged core network,” as well as 150,000 “amplifier” accounts) tied to a Chinese influence operation that spread misinformation favorable to the Beijing regime about Hong Kong and coronavirus. The network was posting mostly in Chinese to “spread geopolitical narratives favorable to the Communist Party of China (CCP),” while also pushing misinformation about politics in Hong Kong, Twitter said.

Tough look for China here. I don't know how they can explain this one away since. 170,000+ twitter accounts in a country where twitter is banned is a tough look. Hard to make it seem like you're just an innocent little country who is the victim of oppression by the evil twitter corporation. BUT...that is exactly what China tried to do 

“It holds no water at all to equate China’s response to the epidemic with disinformation. If Twitter wants to make a difference, it should shut down those accounts that have been organized and coordinated to attack and discredit China,” said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying on Friday. She said that China was the “biggest victim of false information.”

China...was the biggest victim of false info...

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But now...those chickens of disinformation and dissension sewing are coming home to roost because this article from a Hong Kong website called AppleDaily which looks totally real and in no way fake at all said that there have been MASSIVE wage cuts for the Chinese Troll Army

(Source)--The wages for Chinese state-sponsored online commentators have appeared to have dropped from 50 yuan cents (US$ 0.07) per post to 20 yuan cents amid economic challenges.

Chinese trolls are often said to be paid by the government to spread propaganda. Their standard pay is believed to be 50 yuan cents per post and hence their name of “Wumao Dang”, or “50 Cent Party.”

However, they may struggle to keep their name as their pay has apparently dropped.

Hate to see it. Wage cuts due to Coronavirus are impacting everyone. Chinese workers who spend all day and night tweeting that China has handled Covid-19 perfectly and it's the capitalist pigs in the West who are really responsible for the global pandemic and China is a victim, even those people aren't safe from the economic slowdown. Fucking China, can't even properly fund their own bullshit factory. 

Now, I need to know how much these people are tweeting from their accounts because I feel like I tweet A LOT. I average roughly 750 tweets per month over the last year which would translate to about $52.50/month if I was receiving a check from the Chinese State. Can you make an honest wage tweeting about how handsome President Xi looks with his new haircut? How do I get in on this per tweet pay structure? Give me a dollar per tweet and I will build up a little war chest for when I am able to gamble on sports again. I pay off debts, you crush democracy in Hong Kong. Seems like something can be worked out.