Kyle Long Says He Would Come Back To Bears If There Was A New Staff

A couple people have sent me this so that means it's time to write a blog on it.

Call me naive or whatever, but I honestly don't think he was shitting on the Bears current staff? After reading it a couple times it said to me that he would have to wait for a new staff that wanted him if he were to play for the Bears again. Not that he was saying he wouldn't want to play for the current staff that is in place. It might look a little deeper than it is because Mike Davis threw in his two cents, which I completely understand and actually think Davis has reason to have an issue with the Bears for how he was used last year, but I really didn't get a shitty vibe from Kyle at all.

And, yes, here's the part of the blog where I say that Kyle has been good to us at Barstool Chicago and seems to be real friends with the Pardon My Take guys, but I'm sorry I just didn't interpret that tweet as a negative against the Bears like some did. Of course there's a chance he meant it like that and if he did I'll be the first one to eat my words on this blog. Until then Kyle can enjoy getting shredded in retirement in peace.