IG Model Alexa Collins is Back On The Grind

When you're as hot as here Alexa is, I'm not totally sure what "getting back on the grind" entails. Does she work hardcore manual labor by day? Pound concrete? Cut steel? Operate heavy machinery? "Back on the grind" is just such a vague, ambiguous phrase.

Take it from me, where "back on the grind" means waking up on Monday, cohosting radio, recording podcasts, and digging through the profiles of Instagram models to create clickbait blogs directing people to Smitty's twitch stream. The same Twitch stream that doesn't follow me back on Twitter or invite me to play on their little E sports team.

Whatever though. I'm not mad. I'm actually very happy as I'm scrolling through Alexa's profile in a totally not creepy at all way. 

Let's rock.