Wake Up With An Actual Good Documentary On The 1998 Home Run Chase

Turns out it's not an impossible story to tell. Turns out all you need to do is focus on the two players and not the two dozen local St. Louis sportswriters that helped set up interviews in the first place. So many times last night I had to remind myself that it wasn't a Cardinals' in-house production to talk about why they're better people than Chicago fans. Also - there wasn't a narrator. How can you tell a story without any kind of narration? This isn't Netflix buddy we don't get 10 episodes a year to tell your vague side of things. It's 2020 and we all have the attention spans of dead bodies. Never before has there been a worse time to pussyfoot around but really that's all we did last night in Long Gone Summer. We pussyfooted around and it makes me fucking sick. 

Here's a documentary worth your attention at the fraction of a time. You'll get behind the scenes stuff, funny commentary, good pacing and the kind of editing that doesn't make you feel like when Matthew McConaughey got stuck in time in Interstellar. Believe it or not that movie made a lot more sense than whatever I watched last night. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 11.16.48 AM.png