Wake Up With Bob Costas Taking Pedro Strop's Soul Live On Television

(I know I posted this clip hyping up the McGwire/Sosa doc last week, but I think it's so good it deserved it's own blog)

I personally love when Bob Costas is on the call for literally anything. If there's ever a baseball game on and I hear his voice then it automatically feels intense. It's just something about the way he sets the scene, no matter if it's a game in July or October. The man could make a game of chess sound like it's the most important thing I've ever watched. 

With that kind of power and mentality, you get a little lost sometimes. Maybe you're calling a random Cubs game in June and assume Pedro Strop is asking forgiveness from a dead relative because he gave up an earned run on one walk, one hit, and on HBP in an 18 pitch outing. Simply one of the craziest things I've ever heard on a live broadcast. Quite possibly number one. If you didn't know better you'd think it was audio from another clip dubbed in. 

Anytime I hear Costas go full dramatics like he did in last night's McGwire-Sosa doc this clip immediately shoots to the front of my mind. They cleared the air soon after and Strop forgave him. Costas claimed he was just trying to be sarcastic about guys pointing to God no matter what, but he put his foot in mouth and owned up to it. Still hilarious. Never change Bob.