Wake Up With Mark McGwire Punishing A Randy Johnson Fastball For A Mammoth Home Run

Hope you all enjoyed the 30 For 30 on Mark McGwire and only Mark McGwire last night. Basically was a youtube compilation of him hitting several mile long home runs. I didn't hate it, I actually enjoyed it. I didn't think it was one of the better 30 For 30s, but I didn't think it was total garbage. It sent me down a nice rabbit hole of McGwire and that silky smooth swing sending balls 450 feet with the flick of the wrists. You rarely saw someone do that to a Randy Johnson fastball too, Mark had no problem with it. For the announcer to freak out about this homer and it almost hits the back wall says something. He also says it may be the longest home run hit in the Kingdome....this was in 1997 so Ken Griffey Jr was still in his prime here. Man was Big Mac scary at the plate, mostly because he could do stuff like this to the best pitcher in baseball at the time.