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Dortmund's Manager Hurting Himself While Celebrating The Game-Winning Goal Is The Best Sports Highlight Of The Year

[Source] - The manager was so elated on the sidelines he pranced in celebration, but soon realised trouble as he clutched onto his leg.

But it's not for the first time, as Favre suffered a similar problem after Julian Brandt's 80th minute winner against Borissua Monchengladbach seven months ago.

Sports are back baby! Sure, we've had a couple weeks of Bundesliga under our belts, but this really shows that we have sports. From the goal in the 95th minute, from the goal that was taken away in the 70th minute because of a shitty handball call to a weird injury? That's what we were missing. And he didn't go full Bill Gramatica, so we can really make fun of this. We can really make fun of him because this wasn't the first time he did it!

I love it. This is a guy I want to play for. I need my coach to not be cool, calm and collected at all times. Don't get me wrong it plays at times - Jay Wright pulled it off with his 'bang' after Kris Jenkins. But Jay Wright is a whole different dude. I need this. I need a guy blowing his hammy out sprinting down the sideline thinking he's 30 years younger than what he is. 

There are very few things cooler than the walk-off goal in soccer too. You have all this build up, especially when it's in extra time and you really have no clue exactly how much time you have. It's part of the reason as why Landon Donovan's goal vs Algeria is awesome. Don't get me wrong, if he scored in the 75th minute it'd be great, but the fact it was as close to a walk-off as possible

All I know is Lucien Favre can manage my team any day of the week.