Friend Of The Program Python Cowboy Is Going Big Time After He Caught This 17 Foot Maneater Python

(JUNE 25!!!)

If you saw the Season 2 announcement video earlier this week, you might have noticed a man dual-wielding Burmese Pythons like they were kittens.  That man was none other than "Trapper Mike" or Python Cowboy as he is known on the internet.  Well just this past week he caught a Python of biblical proportions.  I was filming in nearby Jupiter all day and drove back out to the boonies as soon as I got back to the dock at night to go see the beast in the flesh.  We shot a short recap video and posted it for Barstool Outdoors' 820,000 followers to see!

The beast had sadly been euthanized already and it was STILL MOVING in the cooler, hours after its death.  These things are prehistoric monsters and this one is by far the craziest version I have seen in real life.  Trapper Mike documented the catch on his Youtube page, check it out right here!

Now he is going big time.  He's got 30,000 followers since the snakes capture and is poised to get a ton more soon.  CNN even picked up the story!

Python Cowboy was featured in Season 1 and will be featured more in Season 2 of Barstool Outdoors and is one of the most genuine people I know.  Mike and his girlfriend Allison had me out to the Ranch for a long time last weekend for a full ranch tour video that will be coming out on our site soon during this season.  Check out our episode below which just passed 1 Million views a few weeks ago and follow Trapper Mike on Instagram/Youtube!