It Makes Me Absolutely Sick To My Stomach That The Chicago Cubs Just Tweeted About Sammy Sosa But Won't Invite Him Back To Wrigley

I literally just hit publish on a Sammy blog asking why the Cubs ignore him and as I'm coming up for air BOOM the Chicago Cubs twitter account and all of it's 2.5 MILLION followers start the tweet fest. They start getting in on the party that literally every functioning sports fan with two fucking brain cells to rub together has been waiting for. Now all of a sudden we're going to show highlights and get the retweet count going because you're in the national conversation? What fucking planet am I on right now. NEWSFLASH CUBS YOU GUYS LITERALLY DON'T LET SAMMY BACK IN THE BALLPARK WHY ARE YOU EMBRACING HIM? You can't do that. You just can't zig and zag in Cubs' fans faces like this as if we're not hyper aware of the ultimate disdain the new ownership has for everything Sammy once stood for. Especially sickening because Tom Ricketts says he loved being in the bleachers with his wife during the 90's. Yeah Tom? Can you tell me who played right field and saved the franchise and literally put the entire sport on his back for YEARS? Absolute bananaland that we can pick and choose when it's convenient to associate ourselves, like for example right now with the whole world about to watch the Long Gone Summer documentary. Imagine the nightmare scenario going on in the Cubs communications department about the social media reaction to the fact they completely fucking blackball the guy everyone loves. And now we got 1 hour and 44 minutes of 30-for-30 run time to shove it down their throats. And before anyone at 1060 W. Addison starts pointing their finger at me for inciting injustice against a brand that ignores history, let me kindly remind everyone this is an ESPN production. The same place that employed David Ross and put a bunch of money in the Ricketts' pockets is going to be the one that starts what will undoubtedly amount to an awful conversation for Cubs' brass. So don't shoot the messenger (me) because I think you guys are full of shit. The reason we're talking about this is ESPN is putting it on our kitchen tables and now you're going to sit through more criticism and controversy WITHOUT BASEBALL over a 24 hour window than you could possibly imagine. When this is done you'll be begging for Joe Maddon and another September collapse that's how embarrassing it's going to be. And you should be embarrassed. It's disgusting and you're the ones responsible. 

Our advice? 

Figure it out.


Everybody in this fucking city.