A Fan Broke Into The Stadium And Stormed The Field To Take A Picture With Messi, Cops Make Him Delete The Pictures

[Source] - In the 52nd minute of the Catalan club's return to action, the supporter ran onto the pitch wearing an Argentina shirt with Lionel Messi's name on it. First coming across Barcelona left-back Jordi Alba, the youngster was eventually taken away by security guards and forced to delete the pictures he had taken.

"Then the police made me delete everything. The plan failed because of my nerves."

Punishment fits the crime here. Sure, he may be getting hit with criminal charges because fans aren't even allowed in the stadium, but this hurts him way more. He had to delete the pictures. What's the point of storming the field and getting arrested if you can't even keep the pictures? There's no doubt he was crying when he had to delete the pictures too which just has to be the best feeling when you're punishing someone for this. 

All that said, this guy is a certifiable crazy person. Planning on doing this BEFORE coronavirus hit and still carrying it out? I don't trust people like this guy. Love the craziness of being a fan, just can't trust someone this insane. Look at this quote: 

"Messi is my idol. Before the game was postponed, my idea was to take a photo with Messi. My dream is to have a photo with him and meet him.'

Your dream is to have a photo with him? Just go to an autograph signing or something man. There are easier ways to do it than breaking into a stadium and storming the field. They should have filmed him deleting the photos. That's the scene we need to see. 

PS: Still the GOAT field streaker: