Study Says That People Who Eat Grilled Cheese Have More Sex

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TIME- Hey, don’t knock this totally groundbreaking survey Did you know Sunday is (un)officially National Grilled Cheese Day? Well neither do most people, but in light of this tasty holiday, social-networking and dating site Skout did a survey of 4,600 users to find out what their taste in sandwiches said about them. Turns out that grilled-cheese-sandwich lovers are having way more fun in the bedroom, with 32% having sex more than six times a month, compared with just 27% of people who don’t like the sandwich. Also, 73% of those who like the sandwich said they had sex at least once each month, compared with the 63% of those who say they don’t like the snack. That might be because 84% of grilled-cheese-sandwich lovers are more adventurous and likely to travel, vs. 78% of nonlovers. Or it could be because the grilled cheesers are more charitable (81% vs. 66%).





Damn 12 year old Trent must’ve been gettin’ it wettttttttttttttt.  That dude couldn’t stop eating grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  That was a weird way to start a blog.  Anyway.  Grilled cheese is absolutely delicious.  I don’t eat it all that much anymore because I straight up don’t think about it as much as when I was a kid.  That’s a big part of it.  Grilled cheese is seen mainly as a children’s food.  Once I was at a bar with a bunch of buddies and one of them ordered a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner.  It became the running joke of the night and the kid basically wanted to kill himself by the end of it we were so ruthless.  In retrospect, we were the losers.  Not him.  Grilled cheese is delicious even for adults and, if this study is correct, my buddy probably got laid that night.  Joke’s on us.  We all need to be eating grilled cheese at every meal so we can have more sex.  We’re bringing grilled cheese back and making it an adult meal.  The movement starts now.


PS- I’m pretty sure I bring this up on every blog about studies but studies are hilarious.  The best part is nobody really knows or cares enough to look into them so we just take them at face value and base our lives off them.  People are gonna eat a bunch of grilled cheese sandwiches because of this (myself included).   Then in 6 months there will be a study that says eating too much grilled cheese will give you AIDS and we’ll all stop.  It goes in cycles.