Woman Says She Won't Date Any Man That Makes Less Than Double What She Makes

This video comes to us via KrewSeason, which appears to be an up & coming media brand. I say up & coming because this is some truly unreal content. If KrewSeason keeps coming out with videos like this then they'll be on their way to doing very well.

The honesty from this girl is something I applaud. 

"If you're broke when I meet you, you don't stand a chance"

"I personally track people who make a whole spectrum." 

Does she have an Excel sheet or something with all of her prospect's income that she updates weekly? Does she run them through a formula of some sort to see who should be on her immediate radar? Maybe she has her own version of WAR like the baseball nerds do. I would also love to know how she digs deep to find these incomes. Maybe through GlassDoor?

Good luck out there fellas!