It's Time To Learn How To Roast A Chicken

There are a lot of us trying out new things during this never-ending journey known as quarantine. It's a great time for some self-reflection, searching deep to find out what it is you've always wanted to try if you ever stumbled upon some free time. Well, with free time thrust upon us by the cosmos, a lot of folks out there have used this pause to level up in the kitchen. Last night I noticed my internet pal Sexual Jumanji was learning how to roast a chicken. And let me say publicly: I'm proud of him. It would be easy to just coast through this pandemic, wasting away doing nothing, coming out the other side with no new skills or hobbies to speak of. But not Sex J. That's a man who has always been proactive and ready to learn. So much so that even after he became an expert chicken roaster he went on to more complex recipes such as banana bread.

Passionate people always excite me. For someone to love anything so much that it's infectious to those around them is truly inspiring. That's what happened here with SexJs insatiable yearning to learn more and more about how to become a top chef. Not for the celebrity or status that comes with such a position, but simply for the love of the game. Banging and clanging pots and pans in the kitchen, wearing one of those cool white hats like Boyardee, being able to say "bon apetit," all of it. The time to learn is now, either jump on board or get left in the culinary dust.