Florida Friday: Two Arrested After Brawl in Goodwill Over One-Way Arrows on Floor

You know those arrows you've seen on the floor of stores and restaurants you've been to in the post-coronavirus era? They seem pretty self-explanatory, right? Just walk where the arrows tell you and make it easier on everybody.

Well not in Florida, where a man and woman were both arrested on battery charges Wednesday after the arrows caused a physical dispute.

New York Daily News — Jenna Sims, 29, and Paul Turner, 50, were both charged with misdemeanor battery Wednesday after Sims struck Turner "about his body, head and face” and he pushed back, according to a Pinellas County arrest affidavit.

The Smoking Gun reports that Tampa-area cops believe the lack of social distancing started when Sims allegedly spotted Turner ignoring the arrows meant to keep customers 6 feet apart and confronted him. He reportedly shoved her during the fracas.

It seems the appropriate thing to do in that situation would be to ask politely for the other person to follow the arrows or maybe alert an employee — or hell, just ignore it — but if anybody in Florida ever did what was appropriate, all we'd know it for is being an uninhabitable, swampy wasteland.

Sims and Turner were both released from jail on Thursday. We'll see if they're any more likely to follow social distancing protocols going forward — my money says probably not.

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