Kemba Walker Opened Up About One Of The Most Famous Step Backs In Basketball History

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I don't think I've ever heard Kemba talk about this shot. I definitely haven't heard him open up and be so candid about it like we saw in that video. A shot so awesome we deserve to relive it with the live broadcast and crowd reaction

Chills. Every. Damn. Time. 

Unless you're a Pitt fan, in that case I'm sorry to rub salt on that wound but come on, this is an all time moment/shot. You combine the circumstances, the move, where it happened and who took it, that has to be one of the most iconic shots in not just college basketball but basketball period. You say the words "Kemba Stepback" and every single sports fan will know what you're talking about. That's pretty cool. 

We see a lot of great step backs in basketball, but I'm with Marc D'Amico, that might just be the sauciest one. You know Kemba agrees because look at his reaction when Marc says that. It was pretty interesting to Kemba give us his mindset during that play and how initially he wanted to drive to the rim, but I think we can all agree that his split second adjustment into the step back was a much better decision. This play would have stunk if he ended up getting blocked in the paint or some shit. Instead we have this incredible moment that will live on forever. 

Maybe it's because we're like 90 days from seeing the Celts play, but man have I missed that Kemba smile. That might be even more electric than this famous play. Infectious smile like you read about. Feels great to have that in our life as a nice change of pace at the point guard position, and it's also pretty cool that stuff like this comes with it