Former Soccer Star Tino Asprilla Says He Has A Picture Of The 12 Apostles In His Room And They Applaud Him After He Has Sex

[Source] - Speaking in an Instagram Live chat with influencer Marcela Reyes, he recalled his hat-trick back in a 1996 international and revealed how Jesus' disciples smile down on him as he has sex. Asprilla stated: "I remember that I brought a girl with me into the Colombia camp and as always this hurt me a lot...

"In fact, the next day I scored only three goals. He added: "In my room there is an image with the 12 Apostles and, when I make love, they applaud me."

The match in question was a World Cup qualifier in September 1996 that Colombia won 4-1.

Let's be honest, this is the most outrageous quote of all time. I can't get enough of it though. I think it's the combo of the 12 Apostles and going with applauding. Just an absolutely laugh out loud quote. I don't know if there's anyone more confident in the world than Tino Aprilla though. The dude started a condom business with his own face on the label

I honestly didn't know whether to put the 12 Apostles line in the headline or the fact he had a story of crediting sneaking a girl into team camp to fuck her the night before a game and ended up scoring a hat trick. He 'only' scored three goals after that. I think he just became my favorite soccer player of all time. Get outta here Clint Mathis and Clint Dempsey. See ya later Roberto Carlos. Welcome Tino Asprilla, the fucking machine who makes Apostles applaud. 

Soccer players are just different man. They have more quotes and stories like this than any other sport - hockey a close second. There's always something going on with soccer dudes too, no matter if they are retired or not. It's the true THIS LEAGUE sport that the NBA always gets.