Man Wills Estate to Two Elephants Instead of His Wife

Imagine you're laying in your bed next to your spouse, the person who is parent to your children, and you're casually talking about the future. You're spooning -- canoodling even -- and you have to broach the uncomfortable topic about death, and moreso, what happens after you die.

We're talking your estate. 

It's a conversation all married couples have and it's totally normal for it to be a difficult subject to broach. But in this case, instead of talking about your will and how you're leaving everything to your spouse and children, you break the news. You're leaving the lion's share of your assets, to... your two elephants. 

You read that right. Elephants.

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Akhtar Imam, from a village in the eastern state of Bihar, said he changed his will to bequeath 6.2 acres to his two elephants Moti (Pearl) and Rani (Queen).

Mic drop!

Now if you're wifey, you are NOT pleased. After this conversation, you're probably as dry as the Sahara. Going to be awfully cold in the Akhtar Imam bedroom for the foreseeable future.

Before you pass judgment, let's look at his explanation. 

“I simply don’t want hardship for my Moti and Rani, who are no less my family. I don’t want my elephants to face the fate of orphaned or abandoned captive elephants who die on the streets or in deserted fields due to lack of proper care.”

OH word? 

On top of that, Imam mentioned there was another reason he's got loyalty loyalty loyalty for these pachyderms. They saved his life from a "pack of gun-carrying criminals."

“When I opened my door to see why the elephants were trumpeting, I saw they were chasing criminals nearby,” he said. “I am alive due to my elephants who had worked like bodyguards to me.”

Let me also ask you this? Can your wife and small children save you from a gang that's hellbent on killing you without even knocking you out of your REM cycle? 

No. No chance they could. 

So the question must be asked: does Akhtar Imam have Dave Portnoy levels of loyalty? Yes. Yes he does. 

Apparently, his wife is very upset with the news. 

“They don’t understand that the elephants are not a showpiece for me … My relationship with elephants is lifelong. We love each other,” Imam said

In my view, this good, loyal man had a very simple choice to make. Allows his ride or dies to face almost certain abandonment and god knows what else or... actively choose to never have sex with his wife again.

Listen, while I would feel a little disrespected if my husband chose two large animals over me, the woman he sleeps next to every night, I rationally can understand the move. They DID save his life, after all.

Besides, his wife can always find a new man to love her and care for her in sickness and health till death do they part (or unless a large mammal saves his life, too). 

As for these pachyderms, they'll get to live a life of luxury, all due to the man who prized his elephants over his own wife and kids.