Tonight Is The Last New Episode Of Jeopardy But Alex Trebek Keeps Being The GOAT, Wants Jeopardy To Be One Of The First Shows Back In Production

[NY Post] - “Alex is looking forward to resuming production as soon as we are able to do so. He’s told us he wants to be one of the first shows back in production,” a rep for the longtime game show told TV Line.

On Friday the last pre-taped episode of the show will air, leading many fans to worry they’ll be viewing Trebek’s final hosting gig. Like many shows, the production of “Jeopardy!” was halted in March due to the spread of the coronavirus. After the last new episode airs, reruns will be shown until taping resumes.

It's pretty obvious we're a big Jeopardy fan website, think every single of us watches. That's why tonight being the last new episode is a bit devastating. I don't want to keep watching reruns even if it makes me feel smarter knowing the answers. That said, it's all going to be okay. Why? 

Alex Trebek is the GOAT. There's nobody better at hosting a game show than him (TJ Lavin a close 2nd). You think stage 4 pancreatic cancer was going to stop him? Fuck no, he's kicking cancer's ass. You think a little break will stop him? Absolutely not. He wants Jeopardy to be one of the first shows back, which means it will be one of the first shows back. 

And you know what when it comes back everyone is going to watch. Trebek isn't going to slow down. He's going to hit people with a little sass on some answers. He's going to pretend to be interested during the boring story that a contestant is rambling about. He's going to MC Jeopardy perfectly. My only complaint is we all don't get to enjoy it at the same time. We need that figured out, can't have half the country watching Jeopardy at 7, the other half at 7:30. When Jeopardy returns we need to see Alex as a country at the same time. 

Ken Jennings still says it perfectly: 

We need Jeopardy back. We need Alex back. Enjoy tonight's episode, really savor it because we still don't know exactly when they are going to start taping again.