Ron Jaworski Ranking RG3 As The Worst QB in the NFC East (Yes, Even Behind Eli Manning) Is A Huge Joke

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Post – Which brings us to Jaworski’s 2014 rankings, which were published this week. Griffin is now 21st, which means he ranks last among NFC East quarterbacks. Virtually all the young stars he’s typically mentioned with — Andrew Luck (fifth), Russell Wilson (ninth), Colin Kaepernick (13th), Cam Newton (14th) — are ahead of him. So are, obviously, Eli Manning (11th), Tony Romo (12th) and Nick Foles (15th). Heck, so are Alex Smith (17th), Jay Cutler (19th) and Carson Palmer (20th).

My goodness, this guy gets paid to write about football. Jaws is absolutely off his rocker. I am being 1000% objective about this. Anyone who thinks Eli Manning is the 11th best QB in the league is either blind, retarded, or both. Should have no place writing about Hungry Hungry Hippos, nevermind football. Eli is AWFUL. Tragically awful. And yes, he has 2 Super Bowl rings, I get that. Which is probably the most underrated amazing thing in all of sports. It might go 1) Miracle on Ice, 2) Corky Manning having 2 rings.

Now, as for RG3, we’ve gone on and on about what a disaster last season was. In case you’re new, my thoughts on last season are as follows: He should not have started the season, probably until week 5 or 6. He was at 70% AT BEST, had zero zippy nadda offseason reps, missed every practice and preseason game, etc. It was a complete joke that he played week one. And it sabotaged the season. Add in that Mike Shanahan was a complete douche and it was a recipe for disaster. And despite all that, despite playing hurt and having absolutely zero offseason, he still finished the season with an 82 QB rating, over 3,000 yards passing, and a 16:12 TD/INT ratio in 13 games. And RG3 is healthy now. No brace. A full offseason. A head coach who isn’t a rich egotistical asshole. An offensive coordinator who knows his game inside and out. And DeSean Jackson added to the already good offense.

All I’m saying is in his rookie season, RG3 had over a 100 QB rating and completed 66% of his passes. To put him as the 4th best QB in the NFC East is a big time joke. I’m fine putting Foles ahead of him, he tore it up last year. Kid was a beast. But it’s obvious to anyone with a brain in their noggin that Griffin is the easy number 2. Then put cum guzzling Romo and Doofy in whatever order you want.