IKEA Has Gone Full Fuck It Mode On Deliveries

As I was perusing Twitter today I came across this tweet that stopped me in my tracks. 

We all know that online purchasing, shipping and deliveries have been a bit of a mess the last few months due to Coronavirus, and understandably so. Not everyone can just pull an Amazon, strap some diapers, masks and gloves on their employees and tell them to get back to it or they're fired, so generally during this time period I have tried to be much more patient while ordering things online.

Now,  I'm no stranger to the reduce, reuse recycle lifestyle. Reusing boxes? Alternative packaging? Sign me up. This, however, seems like a bit too much of a mess to me. $100 shipping for an IKEA order is already egregious even if everything shows up quickly and well intact. $100 shipping just for all your shit to be dumped on your front doorstep in a pile is preposterous. Not only are you leaving whatever items are being delivered to this person exposed to the elements, you're teeing up PRIME stealing opportunity for those walking by. The gamble that package thieves are usually having to deal with not knowing what they are getting is gone. Now, I'm not the most technically sound guy, but need a uh, part of a bed frame? Boom, you got it. What about one of stupid geometric metal art piece things? Here it is! Plant in a jar? Look no further! Absolute alley-oop to scumbag package snaggers everywhere. 

Also, what a MESS this must be for the actual delivery people too. I NEED a look at the back of this delivery truck with random pieces of furniture and home goods scattered all haphazardly throughout the back. I cannot even imagine what a bloodbath it must be back there. Then, add in the physical act of carrying these large orders to someone's front stoop? 

Get it together, IKEA.