Mitchell Trubisky: "I Still Feel Like This Is My Team"

I gotta be honest, in the midst of everything that's going on I kinda forget that we're in the middle of a damn QB battle. There wasn't really anything earth shattering in Mitch's press conference today, but I thought he came off well and said exactly what you would expect a guy to say who's battling for their NFL career.

He brought up good points about having experience with Nagy, the team, etc. He also said it pissed him off in a good way that they traded for Foles and that he wasn't surprised that his fifth year option was declined:

In a weird way I'm more interested to see how Mitch plays more than ever. I think that there can definitely be something freeing for a man who has nothing, but at the same time everything to lose. I'm however NOT looking forward to everybody freaking out after every single mistake either guy makes. That shits gonna blow and get old real quick.

But, then again I'm also not looking forward to the possibility that Mitch & Foles both stink and another year is wasted of a top five defense.

So, please just be good?