BASE Jump Bernie Is Back At It Again With The Full Send

I fuckin love this dude. He’s just out here living the best life. Probably retired from a boring ass job where he was stuffed inside an office all day everyday. No sunshine or nothin.

He made fucking bank at the bank and just got fed up with the ole rat race. Next thing you know, his flat in Manhattan is for sale and he’s buying some sick camper and cruising the best jump spots in America. Why not? He’s got boat loads of cash and the need to feel alive is swirling in his silver-headed dome. Seeing young asses and tits sway in the wind while the rowdy youngsters cheer his name and create memes in his honor for going full send is what everyone except the actual doctors ordered for him. Folks, that’s what retirement is all about. Cool air. Thick asses. An RV to store your bathing suits in. What else could you possibly need?

A blow job to completion if we’re being honest. It’s been a fort night since ole Basejump Bernie goo’d up a palatine uvula. Give me one volunteer.