"13 Reasons Why" Is Just Absolutely Exhausting

I just can't do it anymore with the Netflix original "13 Reasons Why". 

I tried. I just can't. 

The first season was pretty gripping. You had the '13 Reasons' (shocker) on 13 tapes detailing why Hannah Baker committed suicide. Pretty solid idea for a high school drama. It covered and raised awareness for important teenage issues like suicide, bullying, sexual assault. Fair. 

Season two made...a little less sense since Hannah had already passed away and we figured out why, but at least you could talk yourself into high school kids coping with a loss of a classmate. 

Seasons three became more about that fuck Bryce and season four...well I have no fucking idea what is going on in season 4. 

I barely made it through one episode and apparently now we've gone from a group of high school kids having to deal with the fact that they played a role in a peer committing suicide (a very real thing) to now that same group trying to cover up two murders while convincing the police it was a dead guy who did it all? 

Spare me. 

Like someone said to me in the comments "they done used up all 13 reasons already". Couldn't have said it better myself. 

I mean it never fails each conversation and scene starts with "...Are you ok?" Followed by someone getting super shitty, then a panic to go check on someone else. 

I get it high school is tough. It's dramatic. But jeeeesus christ smoke a joint and chill the fuck out or just turn Tyler in already. 

Luckily these trying quarantine times are slowly getting better meaning I can actually leave my apartment every now and then so i don't have to be completely forced to watch this exhausting shit show of a season.