Watch A Young Jayson Tatum And Jaylen Brown In This Loaded Private Run From 2014

I love videos like these and this one right here put out by SLAM is making its rounds on the internet today. It's from the 2014 Under Armour Elite 24 and man oh man is this thing loaded with NBA talent. Guys like Dennis Smith Jr, Donovan Mitchell, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Brandon Ingram, Thon Maker, Harry Giles etc, basically a who's who of some of the young players that are absolute forces in the league in 2020. 

There were a couple of favorite parts of that video for me. For starters it was clear that Jaylen and Jayson were destined to play together. They already had their chemistry locked down years before they would ever become teammates on the Celts. It reminded me of this picture from also back in 2014 

Man do I miss them. The two were destined to dominate the league together and that is exactly what we are watching unfold only 6 years later. 

This was also a nice reminder of just how much of a monster Dennis Smith Jr was before his knees went to shit. I feel like if he can stay healthy and somehow find his way off the Knicks and onto a different team, he can still be a beast in the league. I'm also pretty certain that if I were in attendance during this thing I would be convinced that Thon Maker was going to be a #1 pick and the next NBA unicorn. He looked unstoppable in that run. Granted that hasn't really happened now that he's in the league, but hey maybe things will turn around for him if he actually gets real burn with the Pistons next season. 

I don't really care that there wasn't much defense being played in this thing either. I just love seeing NBA stars play long before they became NBA stars. The two Jays were barely teenagers in 2014 and they looked ready for the league. You give me any sort of throwback scrimmage or private run that includes this type of young talent and I'm watching that thing without hesistation every single time. I figured since it's Friday and you most certainly don't want to work, why not take a quick 17 minute break and watch an elite run to help scratch your basketball missing itch. There are worse ways to spend your day in my opinion.

This also reminded me of one of my favorite videos on the internet. Remember when Blake Griffin put on a show back in 2012 in front of a shit ton of future NBA stars at a Team USA practice? 

Maybe I'm weird, but I love this kind of stuff.