Changing The Name On My HooliganZ Jersey From "Glenny" To "Balls" Was The Right Move, Right?

This HAS TO BE the right move, no? This Stool HooliganZ merch is so in the realm of fire, but I have to be honest when I received my shirts with "Glenny" on the back I was a little disappointed. Sure...I love the name Glenny it's great yet I think BALLS has way more of a pizzazz to it! Dave calls me Balls, I call myself Balls...I think Balls is the way to go and I am glad that this was all rectified considering my first ever Barstool jersey (our softball team about 3 years ago) had Balls on the back I think it's only right this one did too.

Be sure to check out all the HooliganZ merch throughout the weekend for the limited edition stuff with the link!!! It ends Sunday and thank you to anyone that's purchased already! The fit of the Summer.

They call me Balls, therefore I am.