This Boxer Has A Serious Addiction To Punching People In The Dick

Jeeeeeeeeezus christ, dude. 

Listen. I get it. I do. Playas fuck up sometimes. It happens. You get caught between a hook and an uppercut and you end up missing the mark completely. But c'mon, man. That was a direct shot to both the dick and nuts. That's a vasectomy shot right there. And to make matters even worse, it wasn't even the last time he drilled this man in the sack. Not even close. 

Two more times! Two!!! This sick bastard ended up blasting this dude's nuts into a pile of mush on 3 separate occasions during this fight. That's not a mistake. That's not just a punch missing the mark. That right there is the act of a man who has a serious addiction to punching other people in the dick. Plain and simple. 

Not cool. Not cool at all. There are very few rules which I think that all men should have to live their lives by--not punching people in the dick is one of them. It just ain't right.