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Insurance Scammer Hysterically Tries (And Fails) To Get Hit By A Car Twice






Hey, say what you will about this guy but don’t say he isn’t dedicated. Could his plan use some fine tuning? Yeah, maybe he needs to head back to the drawing board and cross “sprint towards a car from a mile away” off the top of his “Ways to get right” list. “Jump into the rear passenger side of a car” should probably be moved down from number two as well. But his heart is in it. You’ve gotta give him that. This dude is gonna get fake hit by a car or he’s going to die trying. Laugh now because at some point in the near future my man is going to realize that hiding and surprising a driver is the key. And while you’re still slaving away for a paycheck he’s going to be chilling in a hospital bed with a broken hip and an insurance check just waiting to get cashed. You tell me who the idiot is then.









h/t Tim