Is The NBA's Disney Bubble About To Burst?

Remember like two weeks ago when the internet cummed itself over the NBA being back? My phone vibrated and I saw this tweet

and the joy that filled my body was the best feeling I had felt in months. Finally, there was a light at the end of the tunnel of this shit show that has been 2020. But over the last few days I can't lie, there's more and more confusing and questions popping up about the NBA's return. Most notably, the fact that there are still tons of players who aren't exactly all in on this bubble idea. I believe the term used was "dozens" of players don't want to come back or are at least are still on the fence.

Maybe I'm just a moron which is entirely possible, but if there was this much pushback why the hell did the NBAPA approve this idea? Is it just a case of the star players wanted to come back, and everyone that is on a contending team wanted to come back, so they just plowed ahead? Again, I could be a moron, but I feel like that's not exactly something that should happen with a players union that represents more than 20 or so star players. Even someone like Melo who is absolutely a star in the league, fought his way back and is on a team that has a chance to get into the playoffs is even saying he isn't too sure if he'll play. That's concerning. First, he's best friends with all the stars who were on the famous conference call where they basically agreed to find a way to come back. 

But now with everything going on in the world in addition to the whole corona thing, we're in a situation where it's very real that key guys might choose to not play. What does the league do if one of their stars sits out? I know they have the replacement player idea, but that's not going to be the same shit. This is of course everyone's right to choose whether or not they want to play, but after making so much progress over the last few weeks it does sort of feel like this whole Disney return is in the balance right now. That even if it does actually happen, it could be without some of the league's best players.

We'll probably never get a list of the players who are voicing their concern now about this return. Unless they follow through and sit out of course. I have been pretty dug in with the idea that this playoffs does not have an asterisk by it since everyone has to deal with the same circumstances, but I feel like that has to change if some teams have key players that sit out despite being healthy and others don't. 

If I had to guess, the Disney bubble will go on as planned and anyone that has a potential issue now will ultimately bite the bullet come July 30th and participate. At least that's my hope. All I know is after a run of nothing but positive news about the league's return I'm back to being a nervous wreck any time I see a Woj/Shams tweet. 

48 more days. Who knows what's going to happen next.