I Don't Like This Bloomberg Reporter At All


In case you've been living in a cave I have become the talk of the financial community.  DDTG has literally taken over Wall Street. You can't move without my firm being mentioned.   I've been granting interviews left and right.  The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg etc.   Well yesterday I gave a long interview to a woman at Bloomberg.  She was super nice on the phone and I didn't think much of it.   Then she emails me this morning;

Reader Email

 Hi Dave,

Happy Friday! I just wanted to let you know that the Barstool article just got a web link (it's published on the Terminal first), here you are:


 Thank you again for your time this week -- it was lovely to meet you and I enjoyed the conversation. Good luck out there!



So I click on the article and here is the first paragraph.

"Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy had bought just one stock in his life before the quarantine hit. When the country shut down in March, canceling sports and sports betting, the founder of the brash, misogynistic media empire dusted off his old E*Trade account and started day trading." 

Listen I get that alot of haters and jealous people have called us misogynistic over the years.  I also know that there isn't 1 person who has worked for me or who I have done business with that would validate these claims. And keep in mind we've worked with literally thousands of women over the past 2 decades.  Not to mention the fact that 3 of the 4 top positions at our company are currently held by women. Yes we are a comedy site that makes jokes.  Sure some of them have been off color, but we make off color jokes about every race, creed gender equally.   Some people understand this some don't.

I also understand I'll never change people's minds who are determined to hate us.   The misogynist label will stick with us forever. However that doesn't mean a reporter can conduct a long interview with me, not bring up the negative allegations once and then label us as misogynistic without even offering me the chance to defend myself.  Granted it probably wouldn't matter what I said, but it's still so incredibly disingenuous to include that in the article without even mentioning it to me and then email me "Happy Friday Dave and it Was Lovely To Meet Me."   Well fuck you.  How about that?  The firm is now dead to you.

PS - Somebody tell Nate to grow some balls.