Draymond Green Got Caught Liking A Tweet Talking Shit About Ayesha Curry

I have so many questions here. First and really my biggest question is why was Draymond Green searching #AyeshaCurry? There's no way he just happened to see this tweet on his timeline. He went out of his way to search it. Was he really looking around when she dropped these pictures: 

Now second being why the hell would you like that tweet? It's 2020, man. You know someone is going to be looking at your likes, people are crazy. And guess what? The moment someone saw it, this happened. A few thousand likes on Twitter of the picture of your like, it's a top topic on reddit. That's on you. That's stupidity. 

All that said, I do kinda love this move by Draymond. The Warriors are out of the Orlando restart, keep the media talking about you. Do something weird like this and everyone is talking about the Warriors again. Plus it keeps your role as the most hated guy in the NBA for fans. You can't kick anyone in the nuts, so you'll just go ahead and like a tweet talking shit about Ayesha. 

Personally I would have found it way more hilarious if he liked a tweet talking about Steph's boner when this was trending: 

Can't wait for the Draymond spinzone on this. 

PS: Steph's name being Wardell still is the most outrageous thing every time I see it.