Wake Up With Juan Gonzalez Going Over 100 RBI Before The All Star Break

1998 was quite the year for baseball. Been talking a lot of Sosa - McGwire, but a lot of us forget that Juan Gonzalez had a hell of a 1998 season himself. All he did was win the MVP with 45 homers, 50 doubles, 157 RBIs, an average of .318, a .366 OBP, and slugged .630. 157 RBIs is pretty good, it's even better when you get reach 100 before the All Star break, that's exactly what he did here. 2 homers in this game off Randy Johnson to go over the century mark is quite a feat in itself. You've got to be on an unreal tear to put up 100 before the All Star break, basically be hot the entire first half of the season. Seems like JuanGone did that. His season never gets talked about because obviously the home run chase is all anyone remembers about that season, and rightfully so, but man did Gonzalez stack up some numbers. 

I also have so many questions about the grass hill behind CF in the old Rangers ballpark. Obviously its the batters eye so you can't sit there during the game, but when a homer goes there it's like a royal rumble. I guess when a ball goes there thats the only time you're allowed on it. I mean it's just 14 year old boys going absolutely nuts for a baseball. It's a dog pile out there every time a bomb gets hit.

PS. Jon Miller and Joe Morgan were the best.