USA Olympic Boxer Says She Accidentally Ingested Steroids Via Unprotected Sex

Uhhhhh...what? Did she just that...have we ever...uhhhh....that's a thing? What?

So, yeah, I guess Olympic boxer Ginny Fuchs "ingested" what USADA would consider a "contaminated substance" during unprotected sex that somehow popped her for steroids. I didn't know that was possible, and it sounds like neither did USADA themselves! Even Ginny herself was taken aback, obviously, and says as much in that video. 

Do we think she uhhhh...ingested the 'roids know what, nevermind. I don't even wanna know.

USADA completely cleared her name of all charges tho and put her at "No fault." for the failed test, which begs the question - can everyone just use this as a loophole from now on? 

Can Barry Bonds say he was fuckin a bunch of female bodybuilders back in the day to remove the asterisk from his stats? Can Lance Armstrong just tell USADA he was eatin that TRT pussy back in the day? Definitely a situation to monitor for the future!