There's Only One Explanation As To Why The Portland Trail Blazers Refused To Hoop In Disney World

I've been thinking of a logical reason as to why the Trail Blazers were the only team in the NBA that didn't want to play in Disney World all week. Nothing seemed to make sense. Why wouldn't you want to play in the happiest place on earth? After looking through the Blazers roster, checking out all of their social handles, and watching their best highlight tapes, it finally hit me. The Blazers did not want to play in the magical kingdom because they have Carmelo Anthony, and Carmelo Anthony is just DIFFERENT at Lifetime Fitness!

Everything's adding up! The Trail Blazers didn't want any part of an NBA season unless they could get home court advantage at Lifetime Fitness in New York. Quite frankly, I don't blame the Blazers organization for being the odd man out. Have you ever seen someone drill 5 3 pointers in a row with ease?? Lifetime Fitness Melo is just DIFFERENT! 

Just look at how Melo toys with UNC guard Cole Anthony! You could throw the Monstars on this court and Melo would 50 ball them in 5 minutes! I can't express it enough! He's just DIFFERENT! They say there's no place like home, and I vote that whenever Melo decides to retire, the NBA must host one game at Lifetime Fitness, his real home. It's the only way to honor this legend's legacy.