Looks Like We've Finally Found Carson Wentz A Competent Receiver




Listen. I think after all the drops we've had to endure as Eagles fans last season, the least that Howie Roseman can do for us is figure out a way to get this girl to Lincoln Financial Field this season. And if she needs a tour guide to help her get acclimated to a new city and show her around town, I'll volunteer because I just want to see this team succeed. This organization set the standard in Super Bowl LII and I'm sick and tired of seeing them not live up to it since. If that means I need to take Odell Becky Jr. out to Vetri Cucina for dinner, maybe a few drinks over at Brickwall before hopping on the BSL back down to the stadiums before practice the next morning just to get her used to Philly? Well then so be it. Because I'm a team player and I'll always put the name on the front of the jersey ahead of the one on the back. Whatever it takes. 

Go Birds.