Texas DB Fractures Hand Punching His Own Car Bumper

It's only June, but the Texas Longhorns are already 0-1 on the 2020 college football season, having taken a tough loss to one of their starting defensive backs' car bumpers.

BJ Foster had 34 total tackles including four tackles for loss last season, but his 2020 campaign is off to a rocky start. He punched his car bumper after finding it damaged and without any sort of note, and apparently punched it pretty damn hard because he's now in a cast.

This seems like more of a weird baseball injury than a college football one, but it happening to Texas does seem pretty on-brand. I'm actually surprised someone with a penchant for that sort of outburst didn't break his hand punching something already having to deal with Tom Herman every day.

And I hate to add insult to injury, but if you've heard of BJ Foster before this, it was probably last season when he said of Oklahoma's Jalen Hurts, "He's gonna have to slide or it's not gonna be good for him." He was then torched by Hurts and the Sooners for 60 minutes.