It's My Responsibility To Inform You: The Celebs Have Done Another One Of Those Weird Inspiration Videos

Here's that video I mentioned:

Ok, I guess mine was also weird... but this one is still Cringe City for reasons I can't quite articulate (which as a writer at Barstool you'd think I'd be able to do??).. 

From Vulture:

On June 11, 14 white celebrities — Sarah Paulson, Aaron Paul, Kesha, Bethany Joy Lenz, Kristen Bell, Justin Theroux, Debra Messing, Mark Duplass, Bryce Dallas Howard, Julianne Moore, Piper Perabo, Stanley Tucci, Ilana Glazer, and Aly Raisman — posted a two-minute PSA in response to the current Black Lives Matter movement. In the video, they all vow to “Take Responsibility” for “every not so funny joke, every unfair stereotype,” and every time they “explained away police brutality.” You know they’re serious because the video is in black and white. You know they’re serious because it’s a montage.

I understand the message behind it & the importance of taking a closer look at our biases & how those manifest in our every-day actions/language, and I know I also miss the mark more often than not in trying to express myself so who I am to judge, but also….  I am judging. Nooooooooooooo, celebs! Stahhhhp!

Ah, how quickly celebs forgot the roasts that this doozy received back in March for a similarly-styled effort…

At least the intentions are good, right guys? Guys?