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96 Year Old Legend Beats COVID-19 And Now Just Wants Yankees Baseball Back In Her Life - Your Move Rob Manfred

Florence Simek had contracted the coronavirus in the nursing home where she lived, an employee told Caulfield in mid-April. The diagnosis seemed all but a death sentence. By then, Caulfield had seen grim news reports about the mounting death toll in long-term care facilities throughout the state due to COVID-19.

Simek had been living at the Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center for only four or five months. An avid Yankees fan, all she had been looking forward to was opening day of the Major League Baseball season.  But then something unexpected happened: Simek beat long odds and a virus that has killed 12,377 New Jersey residents. 

Florence Simek is my hero. Five minutes ago I admittedly did not know who she was, but now I look up to her as a role model. This 96 year old hero just put COVID-19 in her back pocket. Didn't even bat an eye at the deadly virus which has been targeting the elderly. 

Simek has been residing in a nursing home in New Jersey for the last few months and contracted the disease while living there. As we know, nursing homes have been an awful place to be during this outbreak with some places keeping dead patients in their beds with nowhere to put them. If one person got it in the facility, pretty much everyone got it. Simek unfortunately was one of those people, but she dismantled the virus in no time. 

Now that she's beaten the damn thing she's on to her next task: watching the Yankees. The problem? Dipshit Rob Manfred hates baseball and doesn't want to see his own sport play any games. Florence beat COVID-19 to see Gerrit Cole pitch and Manfred is depriving her of that! What an asshole. After beating the virus she became really upset at the fact that Opening Day had been postponed. Just wait until we tell her why there are no games happening right now...

She was surprisingly upbeat, Caulfield said. What she was really upset about was the postponement of opening day of the baseball season. "She says she can’t wait for baseball to come back, and she’ll be able to watch her Yankees again,” Ferlise said.

Hey Rob, you heard the woman. Give Florence her Yankees back or fear her wrath. You really want to mess with someone strong enough to beat a global pandemic at the age of 96? Thought so punk.