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Charleston RiverDogs Offering Cotton Candy and Cracker Jack Burger

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been eating a burger and thought to myself, "I really wish this had some cotton candy and Cracker Jacks on it." Well now thanks to the Charleston RiverDogs — the Single-A affiliate of the New York Yankees — you can have it all.

The RiverDogs have actually been doing some really cool stuff by donating food to healthcare workers and those who need it during the pandemic, but now they're opening up the ballpark to the public to come try some new burgers this Friday. I'm just not sure I can get on board with this.

The smoked Cracker Jacks actually look like they might play on a burger. I'd be willing to give that a whirl. The cotton candy is where you lose me. That sounds like when Glen got fired from the Kwik n Stop for making a shrimp slushy because he was hungry and thirsty — if you know, you know. Sometimes it's better to just leave things on their own.

But I guess if you live in the Charleston area and you've always wanted to know how beef would taste with cotton candy as a condiment, you can head out to the ballpark tomorrow and find out.

And the RiverDogs are no stranger to pulling stunts like this. I thought the team name sounded familiar and then I remembered I wrote about their "O.J. Trial Night" promotion, which was unfortunately scrapped before Opening Day — which it turns out wouldn't have mattered anyway.

Hopefully Burger Friday goes a little better than that.