Do NOT Fuck With This CTA Worker

There's getting rag dolled and there's getting rag dolled. This is RAG dolled. I don't know the circumstances regarding this situation and I don't really give a shit. What I do know is that you don't fuck with a CTA diver. Never ever ever. They deal with the city's worst day in and day out. Doesn't matter if it's a rail line or a bus line, their sole responsibility is getting a bunch of miserable commuters with homeless dickheads sprinkled from point A to point B. Sounds terrible as they see more people than anyone. Seeing people is the WORST. 

But they also have nerves of steel. They're like goddamn marines. Don't have that extra quarter to drop into the bus' change collector? 

Fuck you, pay me. Find a quarter or GTFO. Just a bunch of stoic motherfuckers, so whatever this dude did to get fucking dropped had to be WELL deserved.