Pray For The Rest Of The NBA

When I saw my good personal friend Danny Ainge (look it up) throw this tweet on my timeline this morning this was my instant reaction


which was then immediately followed by 

randy marsh masturbating GIF by South Park Giphy Images.

Take another look folks. Is that Tacko Fall or as Ainge puts it Jayson Tatum? Hard to say really. What I do believe we're witnessing is some sort of combination of the two which quite frankly might be the most unstoppable force in the entire league. Remember who was able to stop Jayson Tatum before the hiatus? That's right, nobody. Remember what human on the planet has been able to stop Tacko from dunking on everyone the second he steps on the floor? Correct, also nobody. So what do you get when you combine the most unstoppable post player in the NBA with one of the most unstoppable wings? You get banners. Lots of them. 

You may think this is useless, but don't forget there is talks about being able to convert Two Way players onto the roster for when shit starts up again in Orlando. I don't know if that means they'll have to cut someone in order to make that possible but at the same time if Tacko is hitting step back threes like he's goddamn Steph Curry then that's fine by me. Secret weapon like you read about. I'm not even kidding. What playoff team is prepared to handle a world in which the Celts can lob it 15 feet by the rim for Tacko but also run him off screens for corner threes? This is where all the hardos will say something like "oh big deal he's making threes in practice, anybody can do that". That's just their fear talking. 

This is exactly the type of content I've been waiting to see ever since we got our first taste of player workouts a few days ago. You see how intoxicating it can be? Something has to get us through the next 50 days, and you bet your ass seeing Tacko make it rain from deep scratches that itch. 

Just consider this a warning, NBA. You don't want this Tacko smoke.