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More Fun Quarantine Activity: Snorkeling In The Pool Like Christian McCaffrey Or Playing The Cello In Your Underwear Like Olivia Culpo?

You have to appreciate how everybody continues to pass the time as we live through these dog days of quarantine. You have Davey Day Trader becoming the latest iteration of Dave Portnoy to take over the world, Big Ev sweating off the pounds, Smitty getting an eSports team off the ground at an internet company that famously never has internet, and the McCulpos each going in their very different directions to run the clock out on the daylight. Do people say McCulpo for their couple name? Because if not, I'm trademarking it right now. Me typing that sentence is the trademark application.

Anyway, as for the question at hand here, I think it's all a matter of circumstance. If you are snorkeling in the ocean, there is almost no better activity in the world after you get over the panic of fish swimming near your body the first few times. Not to go all YP on you guys, but if you can't appreciate how beautiful saltwater fish are, you are an uncultured swine.

However, snorkeling in your pool is cool for a few minutes until you realize you can see every dead bug, worm, or whatever else the naked eye cannot see underwater. Grossssssss.

Speaking of naked and gross, as someone that used to play the cello, I can't think of anything that would have been less fun than me sitting in my tighty whities strumming my bow across the strings of that oversized instrument that was HELL to take to and from school. But if you are playing hot cross buns between hot uncrossed buns like Olivia Culpo, it is the winner every single time. Speaking of which...