Jason Kendall Will Murder You When Trying To Break Up Double Plays

Here and there we'll have random former players/coaches/scouts on Red Line Radio that have no ties to the city just because we love the baseball convos we have with them so much. Jason Kendall is a good example, as he didn't play in Chicago outside like 3 at bats for the Cubs. Nevertheless it was incredible hearing first hand accounts of a dude who was an all star catcher in the NL Central during the home run chase of '98. He prolly witnessed a combined 20-25+ home runs that year from Sosa and McGwire combined.

But those first hand accounts weren't my favorite part of the interview. As someone who would play as dirty as a baseball player could possibly play, I loved the part where he confessed he "tried to tear ACL's" breaking up double plays at 2B. I wanted to whip out my dick and start beating it senseless when he said that. It brought me back to the glory days where I'd slide in nails a solid 18" off the ground then dig into a SS's thigh as much as I could. God that was awesome.

Can't do that anymore these days though. Pussies. Thanks Manfred! 

Oh and he said you could hear Barry Bonds' swing through the zone in stadiums packed with 40K+ people, that's how fast his hands were.  All in all an awesome interview that's porn for baseball fans. There's something about old school, throw back players like Kendall where they can make talking about baseball fun as fuck. Just go on for hours and hours about the life and how much they love the game.