Richard Sherman Says He's Honestly Not Bothered By Getting Burnt And Costing The 49ers The Super Bowl Because 'Nobody Plays A Perfect Game'

[PFT] - “It’s football,” Sherman said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “Nobody’s played a perfect game yet. It honestly didn’t bother me much, period. I went out there and prepared the best I could. The guy made a good play. It is what it is. I gave up a 38-yard catch in a football game. I gave up 60 yards in the game. “I’m not going to sit there and beat myself up about it like I didn’t prepare hard,” Sherman said. “That I didn’t go out there and put my best foot forward. You win some. You lose some. You live to fight another day.”

Uhhh, hey Richard call me crazy here, but maybe just MAYBE, don't say you're not bothered by it. It was the defining play of the Super Bowl, you remember that right? You know the Super Bowl is the thing at the end of the season that determines the champion. Now in case we somehow forget sports, this is the play that he's talking about

Dude got cooked. Not only that but he got cooked as the game was pretty much on the line. You can't just dismiss that as not playing a perfect game. You can't blame it on 'it's football.' Not when there's this stat too: 

And I get that you can look at Jimmy G and other plays. But this is the defining play of the Super Bowl. You can't shrug it off like that. You for sure can't say that it doesn't bother you. You have to say it bothers you. That you're determined to get back and make the play this time. Go ahead and lie and say nobody plays a perfect game, it's football. Use that as your excuse or spin zone, just don't say you don't care. 

Saying you gave up 60 yards the entire game is an A+ 'well, actually' type statement. Like don't focus on one play for 38 yards, I only gave up 22 the rest of the time! I don't even hate Sherman. I think he's hilarious. I love dudes that talk all the time and can play a villain type role. All I know is if I was a 49er or a fan of the 49ers, I'm losing my absolute shit reading that quote.